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Summer Camp 2019

The summer camp was inaugurated by Fr Jerald Francis Pinto, Fr Henry Saldana, Santhosh Saldana – vice president church committee, Praveen Dcunha – Secretary church committee, John Tauro – member of ruling committee, B Dsouza – member of ruling committee, Norbert Pereira – headmaster Anegudde School and Joyce Rego – Managing Trustee for Rejoyce Mustard Garden Trust.


Anegudde school Headmaster Mr. Norbert Pereira welcomed everyone present on the dais. He informed the gathering that this is the first summer camp that conducted at Valpadi and that he is looking forward to more hidden talents and achievements. The overall strength in Anegudde school is 110. Day 1 entries were 62 children and day 2 increased to 89 children while day 3 recorded 87.

Yoga with Nandini

Yoga Session was handled by Miss Mangaluru 2019 contestant Nandini G K. She is also certified as a qualified Yoga Teacher from World Yoga Alliance on 28th Jan 2020. Valpadi Students responded very well to her command and also performed the same without supervision in her absence. Various yoga pose were taught and also well explained why they are required for day to day life.

Students actively answered to all the questions asked by Nandini related to daily exercise and diet. Good food, good night sleep, and exercise was the main mantra in the session.

The yoga session was also assisted by Deepa Mahesh and her daughter Lavanya on stage.

Rangoli & Drawing Session

Rangoli lessons were conducted by Joyce, Shravya & Raksha. Different easy patterns were shown & practiced for Rangoli competition. Students were very excited about the competition and presented wow designs.

Drawing lessons commenced after the rangoli practice. Drawing kits were provided based on age group like Crayons for little ones, sketch pens for mid level and water colors for secondary level. All of them enjoyed the drawing session and winners were declared at the end.

Solar Panel Installation

The solar light facility was provided for those still living without electricity. M/s. Green Energy enterprises installed solar power panels in 3 students home living in Valpadi. Solar panels are not the permanent solution but can be used for 6 months to 1 year wherein they can at least save the kerosene amount which is usually spent. Request more donors to come forward and support these students who are still struggling to live in a proper shelter. Special thanks to Mr. Nityananda Shetty who supported us in installing the panel in valpadi village

PD Session by Ganesh Mogera

The self-confidence workshop & Personality Development session was handled by Udupi motivational speaker Mr. Ganesh Mogera. He focused on leadership skills & handling negative emotions such as fear, anger, or frustration. They also played a group game called ‘Simon says’ which got the students closer to learning English and improving their concentration. In the absence of Ganesh, the students performed the Simon says game without any supervision.

Career guidance and English improving skills were the main highlights of the Day. This session was conducted by Season 2 Mrs. Mangaluru 2019 finalist Shruthi Mogera. Only 6th standard and above children were involved in this session while the little ones enjoyed the cartoon show.

Happy Teeth session was handled by Miss Mangaluru 2019 finalist Sanchari Panda who is practicing at Manipal College of Dental Science, Manipal. Hand sanitizer and Happy Teeth set (toothbrush and paste) was donated by the Mogera family to 110 children of valpadi.

MH (Menstrual Hygiene) & PCOS Session

Menstrual Hygiene Management session was conducted by Season 2 Miss & Mrs Mangaluru 2019 finalist Shravya Amin. She explained the importance of having a sanitary napkin machine and disposable machine in the village along with the importance of using a napkin compared to cloth. The ways of using, types of pads, the preparation cycle, and most important wrong disposal which affects the planets were the main highlight.


PCOS session was conducted by Season 2 Mrs Mangaluru 2019 finalist Dr. Shwetha Kamath who explained the importance of diet and maintaining a healthy life in order to avoid polycystic ovary syndrome. Parents were actively involved in a conversation with the doctor and discussed various issues they come across in their daily life. The benefits of Cranberry juice intake and how it helps in curing urinary tract infection in females were also discussed. Furthermore, we requested the parents to call us anytime for any related issues or for guidance. 30 students actively took part in the session with their family members.

Karate with Dragon Fist

Karate session for boys and self defence techniques for girls was conducted by Arjun Shetty from Dragon Fist Academy of Martial Arts & Self Defense. Mr. Arjun was also nominated for National Award for Self Defence Instructor 2020


A lot of excitement and positivity were experienced during self defence session. Girls enjoyed the session more than the boys since self defence is the technique or a way to defend oneself from any physical attack without causing much violence. Learning self defence and applying it while in danger is very important explained Arjun.

Let it be a boy or a girl there are circumstances wherein you might be alone and surrounded with none for help. He taught us various ways in self defence learning classes that are not much violent but effective enough to protect our body and our property.

Medical Camp - Valpadi

The medical camp was conducted on 30th May 2019 at valpadi village. Students of Anegudde School along with their family members actively took part in the camp.


1. Sharda Ayurveda Medical College & Hospital – Sharada Ayurdhama (Sharada Ayurveda Medical College & Hospital, Sharada Yoga and Naturopathy Hospital and Research Centre). They have a blend of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Naturopathy treatment plans customized for individuals. Unlike usual medical camps, this blended camp goes beyond medical consultation, to spread awareness on Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy and their simple application in day-to-day life.

30 min awareness session on ‘Health and Well-being’ by the CMO/Sr. consultants were conducted. Individual consultation by the medical team was also organized.

2. Manipal College of Dental Science – A free dental check was assisted by Season 2 Miss & Mrs. Mangaluru 2019 finalist Srishti Roy.

88 children along with parents and teachers were involved and got themselves checked.

Good & Bad Touch Session with Dr. Disha

Good/Bad Touch sessions along with dance and fun were conducted by 2019 finalist Dr. Disha Shetty. All the girls participated actively by talking about their past good & bad experiences and also cleared their doubts. They were also explained about the Dos & Don’t in such a scenario since every girl should have a best friend in her life with whom she can share everything. They were also guided that teachers are next to parents so if there is anything that cannot be discussed at home they can easily discuss it with their best teacher in school. Teachers will always support and guide in the right way. Younger kids were shown cartoon pictures of good and bad touch which were easy for them to understand.

Beauty Session with Christina George

This could be the best topic to discuss among the growing children especially females. Christina is a model by profession and also someone who has experience with different types of cosmetics. She ensured that students only talk about natural beauty products like Gram Flour, turmeric, aloe Vera, etc. students were excited about the topic and also asked a lot of questions related to skin and hair issues. Some students also shared their homemade hair & face mask recipes.   Hygiene, Bacteria growth reduction, the Importance of vitamin D in our lives, and maintaining balance diet were the main highlight of the session.

Arivu Learning Centre Visit

Arivu is an NGO established by the parents of a child with disability. They believe that Parents and Teachers are the crucial pillars in the overall development of a child.  At Arivu, they aim towards a life-changing early intervention for children diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, Dyslexia, Down’s syndrome, and other special needs by providing therapy and training.


Miss & Mrs. Mangaluru 2019 Finalist visited the Centre to know more about their cause. They enjoyed the entire program by dancing, singing and also performed group games with the children. Arivu children also received gifts from the contestants. Special thanks to Ms. Poornima Bhatt – NGO Founder for arranging the entire get together program with lovely surprises.

Art & Craft with ISIRIART

Art and craft session was conducted by artist Naveen Kumar G and Jayaram Navad from team Isiriart Mangaluru. The students learned different types of pot clay modeling such as fish making, cat models, and features of different animals. Based on their age group, the competition was conducted and students performed very well in the competition.


Overall 87 children participated in the Art & Craft session. Children learned clay modeling,  mask & card preparation with the help of Isiriart team and mustard volunteers

Mrs. Inspirational 2019 - Ms. Madhura Ravi

Mrs. Mangaluru 2018 Contestant Madhura Ravi Wagle has proved to be an inspiration for all those people who think only winners can shine in any event. Madhura is the perfect example of charity at heart (the inner beauty). 

Despite being a non-winner in 2018 season 1 pageant, Madhura decided to work on her charity project with the support of her husband Ravi MR Wagle”. She was crowned Mrs. Inspiration 2019 by Mustard Queen – Ms. Ashwini Poojari and honored by Mr. Lal Goel the Chairman Organ Donation India Foundation & Chief Promoter of Pandit Health Resort & Spa.

Children learn by watching the world around them whether your child is young or old, he/she will still learn by observing. There is no doubt that image can be of great importance and relevance to teaching says Madhura, especially for the lower level students. Academic posters are colorful large and meaningful, therefore a teacher should never ignore the powerful resource what they have in the classroom. Depending on what topic they are trying to explain to the students’ posters can be very useful.

26 academic subjects Boards were sketched by Madhura with an aim to increase self-confidence and self-understanding for School Students. Ms. Madhura also requested the students to come forward with more requests and she would be happy to sketch more.

Academic Artwork Project - 21st March 2019

Rejoyce Mustard Garden trust organized the Academic Subjects Artwork handover program at Anegudde School, Valpadi on 21st March 2019 @ 11:00 am. The event commenced with the prayer by school students followed by the welcome dance.



26 academic subjects Boards were sketched by Madhura with an aim to increase self-confidence and self-understanding for School Students. Academic Boards were sponsored by generous donors. Boards such as national leaders & subjects related boards were sketched. Mustard Garden Trust supported Madhura Ravi with complete materials that are required for the project. Dinakar Shetty from Shirtady received 10,000 rupees from one of our donors as mutual support for kidney dialysis.

Lal Goel – Chairman Organ Donation India Foundation, Rtn C H Gafoor – Secretary Rotary Club Moodbidri, Ms Ashwini Poojary – Mustard Queen 2018, Anitha Soans – Mrs Mangaluru 2018 2nd runner up, Raksha Rao – Miss Talented 2018, John Tauro – school committee member, Praveen D’cunha, secretary – parish counsel, Kiran Sharma from Mathura, Divyapal Sharma from Mathura, Madhu Garg from Mathura, Ashok Garg from Mathura were present as chief guests. Abhaychandra Jain – Ex Minister Govt of Karnataka, Rtn PK Thomas, Valerian Sequeira, President of Moodbidri block congress were also present

Lunch gathering with Riya Foundation

Miss & Mrs. Mangaluru 2018 winners join together for lunch gathering with blessed children of Riya foundation and donated rupees 25,000 to the trust.

Hi-Tea gathering with Samavedana Trust

Miss & Mrs. Mangaluru 2018 winners get together for Hi-Tea with children of Samvedana Trust and donated Rupees 25,000 to the trust. 

Valpadi Village Development

As a part of fund raising assignment, we have travelled to Valpadi Village areas in Mangalore to have a closer vision on the families and school who required support. 

We found out more than 80 poor families, living in an environment without electricity and proper shelter.

Karunamaya Trust Visit

Miss & Mrs. Mangaluru 2018 winners (Ms. Lyvia, Ms. Tejaswini, Ms. Swati & Ms. Mamtha) visited Karunamaya Trust in Jeppu, Mangalore. 

Grocery items along with a cheque of 25,000 rupees were donated to the trust.  

2018 Miss & Mrs. Mangaluru Charity Program


As part of the social cause for 2018 contestants, Rego Events team visited the Anegudde School in Valpadi Village and distributed rice & grocery items to 110 student’s families. 110 students also received customized school bags, drawing Kit, and blankets on 21 Dec 2018. Certificate & Trophies were also provided to 110 students to be included in future sports. 

A short stage programme was held on the occasion and contestants were welcomed with flowers. Addressing the gathering, Mr. Jain said he has not seen so much dedication for charity, and he wishes to join the team for future projects as well. Joyce Rego requested the families to come forward and let us know their concerns so that we can inform our supporters about the same and collect more funds for the village. Rotary club donated the water purifier to the school as a token of gratitude. Items were distributed by the contestants to the students and their families. Championship Trophies were also distributed to the 2018 sport winners.

Former Minister Abhaychandra Jain, the Chairman Organ Donation India Foundation & Chief Promoter of Pandit Health Resort & Spa – Lal Goel, Parish priest of Valpadi Church Mr. Jerald Pinto, Rtn Dr Ramesha President of Rotary Club Moodbidri, Rtn C H Gafoor Secretary Rotary Club Moodbidri, Valerian Sequiera President of Moodbidri block Congress, Rtn PK Thomas, Rtn Dr Ashirvad, Rtn Nagaraj B, Rtn Nagaraj Hegde, Joyce Rego Managing Trustee – Rejoyce Mustard Garden and all the contestants of Miss & Mrs. Mangaluru 2018 were present.

2018 Miss & Mrs. Mangaluru Charity Pageant

First time in Mangalore, Charity pageant was organized by Rego Events in order to spread social awareness in the city. Finalist did their social cause assignment and were also be responsible for spreading awareness in the city. They also raised funds for the poor and supported the Valpadi villagers and the school in 2018.

The winners in the Miss category are

Amanda Lasrado – Winner
Nishitha Fernandes – 1st Runner up
Prajnya – 2nd Runner up

The Winners in Mrs. Category are
Lyvia D Almeida – Winner
Tejaswini Shetty – 1st Runner up
Anitha Soans – 2nd Runner up

Subtitles Miss Category
Miss Photogenic – Prajnya
Miss Rampwalk – Amanda Lasrad0
Miss Body Fit – Sonia Kore
Miss Goodness Ambassador – Ashwini
Miss beautiful smile – Nishitha Fernandes
Miss Social Media Icon – Shravya
Miss Most Talented – Raksha
Mustard Princess – Swathi S Kulal
Mustard Queen – Ashwini

Subtitles Mrs. Category
Mrs. Photogenic – Veena
Mrs Ramp Walk – Lyvia D Almeida
Mrs. Beautiful smile – Anitha Soans
Mrs. Most Talented – Mamtha Rebello
Mrs. Body Fit – Smitha
Mrs. Goodness Ambassador – Violet Pereira
Mrs. Social Media Icon – Lyvia D Almeida

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