"Children are the future of our world and it's important that they receive the best education".

Ms. JOyce Rego
Managing Trustee

Mustard Story

Rejoyce Mustard Garden is a Charity Partner for Rego Events Private Limited, established in the year 2018. The company was registered to support other organizations/NGOs with the motive of helping the needy and spreading social awareness among the youth. It is also a project based website which will help NGOs / underprivileged families to enroll their children to get a better education as well as sponsors to have a transparent record of their donations done.

Our Role is also to provide the guidance, structure, consistency, and opportunities that people should receive in a society. We have a team of Medical Practitioners and volunteers (contestants), who wholeheartedly work for the betterment of our society.

Mustard Hero

This story is about a noble teacher named Norbert Pereira.

Being noble in leadership with overall 37 years of teaching experience is not so much about what you do but how you do it. A leader with a noble heart can give us what we all search for—a sense of purpose, meaning, and nobility. Noble leadership is not about the self, but about caring for others, supporting others, guiding others, knowing that the needs of others are met and bringing out their best.

It was a great honor to felicitate Mr. Norbert Pereira – Headmaster for Anegudde school for his 27 years of dedication & hard work. He is also the man behind our hard work and success in projects, without his confidence and assistance we would never complete our projects/charity events with utmost satisfaction.

We wish him All The Best in his retirement journey.

Mr. Norbert Pereira

Mustard Seeds

Enrolled children are termed as Mustard seeds. Our main motto is to help the underprivileged families to overcome poverty and change their lives through education.

Mustard team

Apart from mustard seeds, we have mustard team who help and work for the betterment of our society. They also act as the backbone for the elderly and the needy in our society.

Mustard members

We are proud to have our mustard members who ensure that the mustard seeds are maintained. They also provide direction and supervision to the mustard garden.

Mustard Stationary

The children who are termed as mustard seeds and are part of the project receive a mustard goody bag from Mustard Stationary.

Completed Projects

The NGO that is not limited to one type of charity in general because we are willing to serve everyone who needs help as well involve anyone who wants to help.

Donate to Renovate

Together we can change the world.

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Mustard Gallery

  • Good work from the Miss & Mrs. Mangaluru Contestants. They have personally worked on the session. Very active team and confident in what they do.

    Norbert Pereira

    Ex-Headmaster - Anegudde School
  • Very happy with the team work, we wish them all the best.

    Fr. Jerald Pinto

    Church Priest - Valpadi
  • Wish you all the best

    John Rego

    Mall Manager